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Anodizing & Finishing

Making Your Product Look Good & Last Longer

Offering complete, turnkey service is Ƶ’s greatest value. Our in-house aluminum anodizing facility uses state-of-the-art methods and integrates quality and environmental controls in place 24/7. Because of our vertical in house integration we are able to have unmatched quality control and product turnaround.

We offer a range of colors with better durability then other finishes. Our emphasis on racking, masking, and plugging is designed to meet the most stringent customer applications.

We offer a wide range of colors in bright and matte finishes. Our colors are selected to give our customers the best possible combination of aesthetic appearance and product durability.

When the application warrants high light fastness we offer our customers the MSA EC ranging from light champagne through bronze to full black, as well as the MSA Black LCF. These products are suitable for Architectural and outdoor quality coatings and the durability of these finishes can be validated upon the initiation of the project.

Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of all of the processes in our anodizing portfolio and we have initiated a program to evaluate every process to reduce total carbon emission.

Your Anodizing Source

Our anodizing processes provide superior finishes for our manufacturing partners. Additionally, we can provide extruders and other fabricators with anodizing services for their products.


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