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A Natural Fit

Ƶ is a proactive leader in supporting environmentally friendly processes. Aluminum is non-toxic and can be recycled repeatedly without losing any of its inherent qualities or characteristics.

We also strive to be a good corporate neighbor within our community through our waste management program and recycling efforts.

A Snapshot of Our Environmental Stewardship

  • We use quality aluminum billet made from recycled aluminum whenever possible.
  • We are RoHS & REACH compliant.
  • Recycling/reusing our scrap aluminum requires only 5% of the energy required for primary aluminum billet thus reducing the carbon footprint for the Aluminum used to make our products.
  • We adhere to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) principles.
  • We utilize and encourage the use of returnable/recyclable packaging.
  • We maintain a full of compliance with local and state regulations.
  • Our anodizing process uses leading edge chemistry that is environmentally friendly and gives us the unique ability to produce a coating that meets all of the stringent specifications.
  • In 2019 we introduced the MSA Black LCF Anodizing finish that uses a metal free dye that meets or exceeds the quality performance of most of the Industry Leading dyes. MSA developed this dye in conjunction with our supplier with the goal of having a dye that is metal free and reduces the carbon footprint by up to 20% when compared to other industry leading dyes.