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When it Comes To Your Product, We Deliver

Once your products are ready to ship, we’re able to apply lean manufacturing principles to the packaging and delivery as well. We will work with you to deliver products efficiently. That means providing a range of packaging options to best suit your application and your production processes. Whether you need your product layer-stacked on pallets, bubble-wrapped or poly-bagged, or simply packaged in a box, we can meet your needs.

When determining the best packaging solutions, we consider:

  • Surface finish requirements
  • How sturdy or delicate the extrusion profile is
  • How well the extrusion rests on a flat surface
  • Length and weight of the extrusion
  • Order size
  • Specific customer requirements

Our goal is to eliminate as much air and waste in the shipping process, while ensuring the integrity of the product that gets delivered to you. By understanding your expectations, we will work to cost-effectively meet your needs.

Packaging Options

  • Returnable totes for domestic high-volume products
  • Custom packaging design and support in conjunction with customer engineering
  • Recycling packaging

Recyclable Packaging

Most of the packaging material used at Ƶ is completely recyclable, such as corrugated cardboard boxes and divider strips, chipboard cell partitions and layer sheets, plastic strapping and trays, and paper interleaving material.

For complex shapes, special contoured trays are utilized to protect your product during shipment. These trays are typically made from plastic, corrugated cardboard or EPS foam. In most cases, these trays may be returned to Ƶ and reused for future shipments to reduce cost and minimize disposal. Often, our returnable packaging containers are used with reusable/returnable pallets to reduce overall program costs even further.


Our aim is to ensure that your product arrives at your dock, or is taken directly to your assembly line, in good condition. By clearly understanding your expectations up front, we can help design a packaging solution to cost-effectively meet your needs.

Inventory Management

  • Kanban shipments
  • Consignment inventory
  • Stocking programs

Logistics Services

  • Coordinate customer freight schedules
  • Daily customer sequenced shipments
  • Domestic and international shipping assistance
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